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Best Pay. Next Day.

Earn up to 92.5% of the load and get free Next Day Pay.

Owner Operators & Drivers Love 5F

For years the oilfield has been looked at as an very lucrative endeavor. Many times companies come to take part in this industry, only to be scammed by a money grabbing company that deduct you to death. I honest have to say that 5f is the complete opposite, everything they have advertised has happened. 5f also has some of the best technology in the entire trucking industry. So if your teetering the fence, you should definitely jump over to 5f.


Great program that 5F has going on. They are pioneering daily pay to fleets in the oilfield. Let’s Keep Rolling 5F 💪


Tengo 9 años trabajando en el campo de petróleo en el permian basin, y esta es la primer empresa que te ia un excelente manera de llevar el negocio y el manejo del trasporte. La mejor de todas por mucho !!!!!


5F is good company to work for as being working for different companies this the best and fastest pay and best customer service no waiting long hours to unload.


Best frac sandbox company in the USA by far. Nothing comes close! Their coordinator Mr. Brendon is very, very helpful at anytime of the day or night. I would advise anyone to come aboard and make money non stop!!!!


Ship With 5F

Earn the Highest Percent of Gross in America

Earn Up to 92.5% of Gross

Free Next Day Pay

Kick the Factoring Fees with Free Next Day Pay

You shouldn't have to pay factoring fees to get paid on time. That's why 5F provides free Next Day Pay for all drivers.

Less Waiting. More Earning.

Most Customers & Automated Diversions

No one likes getting stuck waiting to drop-off. Because 5F has more jobs in an area than anyone else, we can more often divert you from the site with high wait times, one nearby with no line.

For Over-the-Road Drivers

Better Than Backhauls

5F Tour™ automatically books you multiple loads to get you the highest paying routes

• Free app to find the highest paying route to your destination.
• Book loads same day, or prebook your route.
• Free web portal for fleets to communicate with drivers, track revenue and service scores.

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Our Values

5 Values of 5F

Safety First

We care deeply about our responsibility for the safety of you and your family.

We make every operational decision with an eye toward uncompromising safety and compliance.

Best Pay, Next Day

We take less and give more from the gross pay compared to any other carrier in the country. And to top off our appreciation we pay next day.

Full Transparency & No Hidden Fees

Complete transparency. We share our customers rate, our rate and have no hidden fees.

Steady Work

We have built a platform across multiple sectors which allows us to provide diversity of shipments and steady work.

We Do What We Say and Say What We Do

We can't promise we'll never make a mistake. But we can own up to it and fix it when we do.

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